Night of the living Geocats – Contest & update!

October 6, 2021

Spooky Update

As some of you may know, Geocats is getting ready to release a very fun and challenging update later this month. Players can anticipate some fascinating lore, groovy new tunes, never before seen levels, as well as their first ever combat experience!

Additionally! Anyone lucky enough to play this update can also look forward to finding some limited edition NFTs hidden away throughout our available levels. We’ll soon let you know how to drop yourself into the weird world of Geocats … But first, a question…

…Is there anything scarier than eating your veggies? (Lachanophobes, beware.)

We’re chilled to announce a spooky new cat in celebration of our October release…

Broccoli Cat

We will be minting a bunch of Broccoli Cats… and anyone that has one of these creepy cruciferous creatures will be invited join us for Geocats V.2!


It’s terrifyingly simple! Create a creepy piece of pixel art for Geocats (Maximum 250×250 pixels in size)

All entries must be posted in the Geocats Competition telegram chat:


Five runner-up entries will also receive Broccoli Cats as a consolation! We also reserve the right to award an honourable mention (…Looking at you poop-cat)


Finally, for the less artistic among us, we’ll soon be releasing a limited amount of broccoli cats for a fair price, exclusively on

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