Monsters, Machines, and More…

December 22, 2020

The first Geocats are out!

Congratulations to the lucky individuals that have their very own Geocat!

Each of these NFT’s will be an integral mechanic of Geocats, offering different in-game experiences depending on which Geocat you are using.

If you feel like you missed out, stay tuned because there will be other chances to get your own Geocat


We have had quite a few questions about when Geocats will be released.

To answer simply, we can only give a rough estimate of next year sometime. There are plenty of caveats to this statement that require some context…

Geocats is currently a hyper-micro team, and although we have tons of help and expertise from Vulcan, it will still take time to create this game. It’s important to us not to release a half finished or rushed game. In 2021 we intend to expand our team to meet demand.


Kurt – Artwork / Programming / Community management


Carter – Soundtrack / Sound Effects

Introducing some Geomonsters!


Name: Chimera

Description: A failed experiment in bio-engineering, the Chimera exists in opposition to all beauty in life. Current mythology tells us that this abomination revels in suffering and destruction, and has been leaving a trail of carnage in it’s wake for centuries.


Name: Felidsalia Felidsalis, the Cat O’ War

Description: Any swimmer unlucky enough to become tangled in the Cat O’ War will find themselves overwhelmed with incomprehensible pain and complete paralysis.

Finally, we would like to thanks our community for being so cool. We are having a ton of fun building this universe with you all.

Thanks to Vulcan for helping us through the process. Check them out here!

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