GeoNews #6 - Geocats Demo is Out!

April 15, 2022


Watch the sunset? Boring...

Enormous gratitude to our fans, friends, and families for all the support and love while creating this showcase of our work. We’re ready to share with you…

GEOCATS: Super Complimentary Edition

  • Enjoy!
  • You’re invited to drop into our Discord if you get stuck, or have something to share… or if you simply want to hang. The more feedback we get, the better the game will be! Plus, if you find a bug, we might even hook you up with a rare prize!
  • Our next step, now that this demo is out, is integrating Elysium into our game. We’re creating a lot of fun ways to interact with these amazing Geocats on an incredible carbon neutral blockchain!
  • The next version will also include another chapter of Geocats, complete with unique puzzles and an all new boss battles.
  • Finally, by setting the Geocats Gitlab repository to public, we are taking the first steps towards making our project open-source!

Geocats Webstore

Limited edition merchandise, with NFTs included!

We’re pleased to offer an assortment of Geocats mechandise for sale in our new webstore. For the time being, each purchase come with it’s very own unique Geocat NFT which is available to trade exclusively at the Vulcan Forged Marketplace.

Research & Development

Corespondents from GeoNews have reached out to the R&D department at NONACO, but the company behind Geocats declined an interview stating that “…We have a lot of work ahead of us.”


Editorials & Opinions

Catsylvania 7

Sorry, no time to play the new demo version of Geocats. Maybe I’ll take a look at it after I finish playing Catsylvania 7. I really gotta say, the guys behind the Catsylvania series have OUTDONE themselves this time. Its got a huge open world map with hundreds of hours worth of content. Game of the decade.

Simon Belmeow

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Communty Events


Do you have what it takes to defeat Norna and Wyrd at our Vulcon 2 booth? Only the toughest cats will land our top prize! Stay tuned for more info…

An *artistic* rendition of the Geocats Zone.

NONACO “Fun-Zone”

Geoquarium Ice Theme Gift for Readers.

Wow, that took a long time to melt! For those of you who claimed this limited prize - Enjoy!

Join us on Discord, for more Geocracy!

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