GeoNews #4 - Super Geocats Complimentary Edition

February 1, 2022

Important News

A chill place to hang


Welcome to edition 4 of Geonews. We’re busy making assets and adding scripts, Vulcan is working with us to get services back up and running, and our community is cooler than ever. Wishing you all a pleasant start to the year.

GEOCATS:V2.5 - *Incredibly Extended* Cold Snap

  • …Thank you for waiting. There’s an icy prize waiting for fans of Geocats. It’s waiting at the end of this newsletter.

GEOCATS:V420 - Super Complimentary Edition

  • Vulcan and Nonaco agree that the best way to succeed is to succeed with friends. Coperation and patience is key to both of us. As Vulcan sets up their infrastructure, we’re happily building our game in anticipation for their new blockchain.
  • In the interest of entertainment while we patiently wait, we are releasing Geocats Complimentary edition for everyone to try out. A demo that is open for anyone to play!
  • This version will not have any interaction with blockchain and primarily exists to showcase what we’ve been working on. No date as to when we’ll release this, but it won’t be long and we’ll make sure to give a heads up.

Arts & Culture

Here’s a quick look at our GeoQuarium and the new overworld map that we’re creating.

We consulted with an expert catstronaut currently working on the Geoquariums. This video was filmed to showcase a bit of what our cosmos contains. Here’s what Catstronaut #9 had to share… a look at our interstellar backyard!

Solar System Fig. 1

Research & Development


Chrysoberyl and it’s effects on 0xoplasmosis, preliminary tests are promising!

Cat’s Eye crystals are a type of Aluminum Oxide which exibit a rare optical trait known as chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is a certain effect seen in gemstones which is caused by light reflecting perpendicular to the mineral’s fibres. The result is a rare crystal that looks similar to the unique eye of a feline. When light is concentrated through this crystal, it takes on a special property that is seen to disable 0xoplasmosis infection in lab enviroment tests. Whether this leads to any useful developments in curing the afflicted cats remains to be seen.

As of this year, NONACO has significantly cut funding to it’s science department stating “What we don’t know can’t hurt us.”


Editorials & Opinions

Meow Against the Machine

I’ve been intentionally putting bugs and errors into the NONACO codebase. That way, I’ll always have a job with this backwards company.

Anonymous NONACO Worker

LAN party

Hey, does anyone want to swing by my place this weekend and play the new Catsylvania? BYOC (Bring your own Catnip)

Chillmeow McClawsome

Have something to say? Opinions, comments, questions, and concerns can be sent to

Communty Events

Would you like to join the Geocats team?

There’s a lot of work to do, and we’re looking for some more cool people to work on Geocats with us. Our team is boring, uninspired, and completely delusional. Do you have programming experience, or a passion to learn video game programming? Would you like to work with us as we begin marketing our game to more people? Here’s your chance! Please get in touch, we’d love to chat more!

Stray Cat Program

Do you have a stray or adopted cat in real life? Let us know, and we’ll happily send you a Geocat for being such a cool person! Send us a picture and note and we’ll get back to you… Please don’t dox yourself though. :)


NONACO “Fun-Zone”

Geoquarium Ice Theme Gift for Readers.

The team behind Geocats is notoriously late. (Blame it on the catnip.)

However, we feel bad about not getting the Geocats Winter Theme out in time. Our solution is to send our Community members the Gift of the very first Geoquarium. Please Email us your VET NFT address if you would like us to send you the long awaited Geoquarium (Ice Theme).

Ancient Solar System

Code Breaker

word search

The code is 4 digits long
The first 3 digits are in decending order
The sum of the two smallest digits are equal to 5
No pair of the digits can have a difference of 1
The product of exactly one pair of the digits is a prime number
The code (As a 4 digit number) is divisible by 6

First person to complete the puzzle wins an OG Catnip NFT.

(Send Kurtis#8982 the solution on Discord if you think you’ve won!)

Join us on Discord, for more Geocracy!

feline closed eyes

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