GeoNews #1 - Silent Winter Meows

December 1, 2021

Important News


Thanks for opening up the very first edition of GEONEWS on our new website. It’s with this publication that we intend to distill our most important information into one place. Like every NONACO endeavour, we’ll see how this idea plays out over the following months.


This month saw the launch of Geocats Version 2. The launch went smoothly, and our industrious beta testers gave us a lot of constructive feedback. Players can expect a patch to V2 in the coming weeks. Enormous gratitude to everyone who’s shared feedback with us. We appreciate you!


This is a massive update for us. We’lll be launching a few core features that are long overdue…Mainly, the option to play as whatever cats that you have in your wallet! This iteration of Geocats will also include the mysterious GEOQUARIUMS for players to begin using. More information about these customisable space-pods will be featured in a spotlight article in the next issue of GEONEWS. Finally, we have been building the in-game GEODEX. A compendium of our creations, and a database of all NFTs we have created so far. We feel that this feature will be appreciated by those of us who like knowing what’s going in in their organised structures.

Version 3 also has a more focussed and clear storyline. We’re including more hints and new cutscenes to tie everything together a bit neater.

Arts & Culture


Does paint taste as good as it looks?

No, but pixels do! My name is Japhy, and I am an artist working on the look of some of Geocats’ many levels, characters, objects, and interfaces. Over a year ago, I was working primarily in the hand-drawn, hand-painted, and hand-sculpted realm. But as a multi-faceted artist, different mediums have always excited me. At the start of the pandemic, I increased my exploration into graphic design, and now, pixel art! Kurtis, who was already about a year into his own conception of Geocats, asked me if I wanted to do art for the game. I was a bit daunted. I had never wielded a pixel-brush before, but I had played my share of old NES games, and I had always wanted to do video game art. Roughly a week or so later, I was working on my first project: a variety of backgrounds (including fractal pyramids, a neon cat rave, and a Viking fiord). I like to think that my background in physical art adds a slightly different spin to the world of pixel art, while still taking notes from the well-known stuff. Ultimately, Kurtis and I always talk about the joy of “simplification” in pixel art. How the limitation of a square can force an artist to portray what matters most in an object (such as its basic shape and iconic colour palette).

As for what I’m working on now, I have taken a slight detour away from the earthy nature of designing spaces like Canopy Creek and the mushroom cave, to outer space, and the more mechanized creations that our universe of blocky cats have maintained. I recently completed a new view of the GeoRing, where players will be able to see part of its outer shell in the light of a planet. The art for this was greatly inspired by the works of H.R. Giger, Heavy Metal Magazine, and Star Wars for NES.

So to answer the question again: Yes, a pixel has a unique taste… one that will surely take me to many uncharted places.


Qix-Mono, Our Dyslexic Friendly Typeface

A lot of work has gone into our libre typeface. We are happy to accomodate people however we’re able. If anyone here feels like an accessibility option they require is missing from our game, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll have a comprehensive write up of Qix-Mono in our next issue.

Research & Development


New Website

Welcome to our new site. We’ve made it ourselves!

Updates, in depth…

As mentioned above, we are adding all of the cats to the game, and making them available in the Geoquariums. The cats, and all other NFTs will be explorable in a sort of encyclopedia we’re calling the GeoDex. With the launch of V3, we will be releasing 3 backgrounds for the Geoquarium. Players in posession of a Vulcanite will receive a special BG. We’ll be patching in the other backgrounds throughout 2022. We’d like to take our time with them and make sure they’re up to NONACO standards of excellence.

Vulcon 1 & Vulcan UK Meetup

Over the last months, NONACO has sent representatives to both the Vulcon 1 in Amsterdam, and UK Meetup in England. This was a great opportunity to finally meet new people, and share a bit about what we’ve been working on. Also, everyone who attended Vulcon 1 was issued their very own Pumpkin Cat. Congrats to them. We hope to see many of you in Greece this summer for Vulcon 2.

Editorials & Opinions

Impossible Pumpkin Puzzle

Has anyone solved the NONACO Pumpkin Puzzle yet? Typical of this incompetent company to implement features that nobody understands or asks for. I resolve to boycott NONACO and their puzzles, henceforth. That’s what they get for trying to insult my intellegence.

Concerned Citizen

NONACO Simulated Niblits: RECALL

To all of the cats making a big stink about finding metal shards in their Niblets. Stop complaining! Nonaco and its subsidiaries do not deserve the constant criticism… Haven’t you made mistakes in your life? Forgive and forget… That’s the way it should be! (This letter was submitted as part of a promotion sponsored by NONACO, and the opinions are my own.)


To the Funny Feline Leaving Donut Shack Yesterday, With Their Arms Full of Snacks

You dropped a bag of catnip on your way out. Hit me up if you want it back. You might want to hurry though – There’s really not much left…


Letter from the Editor

This project really grows in new ways, and it’s entirely due to the talented community and team. Thanks to everyone here! — Kurt

Have something to say? Opinions, comments, questions, and concerns can be sent to

Communty Events

Spooky Pixel-Art Contest 2021

Congratulations to Neswulf for winning this years contest with this terrifying piece of artwork! Enjoy the prizes! pumpkins

Winter Festivity Contest

We all need time to forget about the drudgery of daily life, which is why NONACO has decided to host another contest! Cosy up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa, and subscribe to our social media channels for a chance to win digital prizes. More info can be found here. Good luck, have fun!


NONACO “Fun-Zone”


Can you unscramble these two words? The correct answer will get you 3 entries into our Winter Festivity Contest!



word search

avocato blockchain catnip
geocat georing longcat
nft norna polydactyl
tacgnol wyrd affogato

The first three players to solve the wordsearch will will their very own Geocat. (Please send proof to an admin on Discord)

Join us on Discord, for even more Geocracy!

feline closed eyes

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