April 29, 2021


a small check-in

Greetings to the fresh faces, and priorly programmed alike.

Thank you for your interest in our weird cat game.

In this report we will take a glance at what GeoCats is, and where it is headed.

Preface: We at Nonaco, the proprietors of GeoCats, are obliged to provide information and updates to the general public.


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New to GeoCats?

GeoCats is a platforming game, full of puzzles, treasures, and catnip. There are plenty of Cats to collect, which are being made as playable characters.

Players can soak in the beautiful nature of GeoTerra, while they meet and interact with it’s strange inhabitants.

Intrigue permeates every facet of GeoCats…

there are many inter-dimensional mysteries waiting to be solved!

How long until I can play GeoCats?

Time is an illusion.

The team at Nonaco has been working diligently to release the first-ever instalment of GeoCats… Available exclusively to our early supporters who are in possession of the GeoKey NFT.


If you are a lucky GeoKey holder, you can anticipate being one of the very first people to play…


Our closed-beta!

Available Soon*

Exclusive prizes will be up for grabs!

(Thanks to our awesome community for waiting patiently while we work. We are glad you’re all here, sharing the fun.)

Join our Telegram to stay up to date on all our developments! @GeocatsOfficial


*Please note, soon is a subjective term which is subject to change at almost and given point in time

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