Geocats, Primary Survey

August 11, 2021


Thanks to our incredible, supportive community for all of the encouragement over the year. We’re grateful for everything, and are thrilled by what the future holds for Geocats!

Starting in 2020, we began putting a lot of hours into setting up the foundation for an immersive, and completely original open-source NFT based videogame. We built a team, wrote a script, and started to create.

What was once a solo project has quickly become an artistic showcase made by many different talented people from across the globe. It’s our goal to create a game that is entertaining and engaging, and we are looking forward to all of the feedback that comes from this release.

What’s so special about Geocats?

  • Each art asset is an original creation and will be tokenized.
  • All of the SFX and music are unique and have been recorded by Nonaco staff.
  • Our typeface was custom made for Geocats. It’s dyslexic friendly as well as open-source.
  • The dialogue of Geocats was a collaborative effort, written by everyone at Nonaco.
  • We are running as much code as we can on open-source and decentralised platforms.
  • We are partnered with Vulcan, the coolest NFT gaming platform out there.
  • There are a lot of amazing cats to collect and play as!
  • Finally, we have an incredible community, full of really cool people.

Closed Beta Features

  • 9 levels to explore.
  • A few fun puzzles and secrets to find.
  • Lots of characters to chat with.
  • Running entirely in Godot!

The migration to Godot was a success! Our game is approximately 130mb in size so it’s pretty easy to load and play… Providing you have a GeoKey.

Ok, but what can we look forward to? Well, now that we have the foundations of our game built… The fun can really start!

Open Beta Features

  • No GeoKey necessary (However, it will be useful again…)
  • Six new levels, and the dangerous, Chimera story arc…
  • Boss battles >:)
  • Chat dialogue UI update.
  • Public Git, with source code and issue tracker!
  • Greenhouse prototype…
  • Geocache mechanism update
  • Geocats player selector… AKA… The GeoQuarium

New to Geocats?

Join our Discord for all our latest updates!

Have fun everyone! We’re just getting started

Thank you to…

  • Our creative team at Nonaco, for all of the passion and patience
  • The Geocats community managers for all of the time they share with us.
  • Everyone from the Vulcan team who has encouraged us from day one.
  • All of our amazing Catstarter supporters. You rock!
  • The free development tools we are using (Lospec, YUNOHOST, Godot, Gitea, Krita, Gimp)
  • …And all of the incredible developers who have created these platforms. Geocats is standing on the shoulders of giants.
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