Cat Scratch

June 10, 2021

A Caturday feature, proudly sponsored by NONACO.

Interview conducted by Hogwash

Today we will be interviewing one of the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence in the known extraverse. Let’s commence our program, and give a warm welcome to our cold and lifeless guest Fe-Line!

F: Hi Nonaco! It’s a pleasure to be here today.
Thanks for joining us.

Now I know we’re all quite eager to get some thrilling, new information about GeoCats… But first, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Sure thing… I’m merely a complex system of electrical impulses!
Aren’t we all?
Do you enjoy music?
Lately, I enjoy the work of Miauhaus, HISS, and Purr-ince
Our audience is predominantly from Earth (3rd dimension, 25.000 light years from the centre of the milky way galaxy.)
For some context… Could you tell us a bit about where you’re from?
Absolutely! I’m from a place called the GeoRing. It’s a giant super-structure, orbiting around a star. Nobody’s quite sure how old it is, or why it was built… but, it’s a beautiful place to live… and it’s full of cats! There’s a lot to explore.
I couldn’t have put it better myself.
Have you anything new to share about the development of GeoCats?
I have something exciting to share!
We are in the process of migrating our game away from Unity!
… Interesting. Care to elaborate?
Sure thing!
During the last month we have been migrating our code and mechanics to an incredible program called Godot.
It’s a program that we feel is a better fit for us than Unity could ever be.
Whenever possible, we like to interact and co-create with open source and non-proprietary software.
Excellent! I’m sure it’s worth the extra work.
It’s funny, this migration has given us the opportunity to restructure our entire filesystem.
What we have now is more organized and tidy than ever before.
It really puts a smile on my LCD monitor.

Anyways, closed beta will be released as a Unity project, and open beta will be a Godot creation!
Cool cool cool.
To wrap up our interview… Wen beta?
Critical system error. Now shutting down…
Just kidding!
We’ll have the game out as soon as we know our community will really enjoy it.

Thanks for hanging on while we put on the finishing touches.
Well FeLine, we’re grateful for your time! Have a safe trip back to your own dimension. I have a feeling we’ll meet again very soon.

If you’d like to learn more about Godot, check out their website here!

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